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I was suffering from depressiona and couldn't continue much longer.  Starvation and depression felt the same.  Couldn't sleep restfully.  Hypnosis works!  No depression!  The only thing that worked to remove/clear my depression.

N.C. (Apr. 2018)

Depression - Hinesville, GA

Most importantly, I came here for help to stop smoking once and for all and that is exactly what has happened.  I truly believe that I never could have beat this addiction without hypnosis.  My only regret is that this was not my first stop.

Hypnosis has been relaxing and taught me tools to use to overcome both the physical symptoms of withdrawal and the mental struggle of breaking the habit.  I have actually stopped smoking and am convinced that I never want to smoke again.  I've also learned to be more relaxed in general and appreciate everything I've learned.

K.M. (Apr. 2018)

Smoking Cessation - Savannah, GA

I came here to work on a skin picking "disorder" that I have struggled with my entire life.  Before I even knew it, I had already stopped picking by my second session.  I was very successful and it was easier than I thought it would be.  Its very quick and I was worried that my problem wouldn't be fixed in 3 sessions because I have had therapy and counseling for years, and I am already seeing a change.

Sarah H. (Mar. 2018)

Skin Picking - Savannah, GA

I've used the techniques to stop anxiety before it has an onset.  It hasn't made me ill, doesn't require me to take yet another medication and it began working from the start.  Being able to cut anxiety is a major success, relaxing hasn't been easy, but is now.  Because I believe in the power of the mind and felt this was a best all around solution for my needs.  

Tina T. (Mar. 2018)

Anxiety and Self Hypnosis - Savannah, GA

This was my first attempt at quitting smoking.  This experience has been beyond my expectations.  I have been very successful - no cigarettes after 2nd session.

Lori H. (Feb. 2018)

Smoking Cessation - Savannah, GA

This was a great experience.  Deeper state than I imagined.  I felt a change before even leaving the office.  Deeper fixed state than I would have experienced in a traditional therapeutic setting.  Great session - met and exceeded where my intentions were set.

John L. (Feb. 2018)

Erectile Dysfunction - Savannah, GA

I had some skepticism, but after the first session I trusted the process.  I am thankful and proud that smoking has become "a thing of the past."  I have been very successful considering my level of addiction.  The most unique thing about my experience was learning and understanding the use of the mind in changing behavior.   

Deborah M. (Jan. 2018)

Smoking Cessation - Savannah, GA

I came here for fear of flying and now I feel I can fly without an immense amount of panic.  Very successful.

Linda L. (Jan. 2018)

Fear of Flying - Savannah, GA

I basically saw my husband get hit by a truck which killed him and it was haunting me everyday.  Hypnosis has helped me to get beyond the issue I was having.  I went from not being able to breathe, to completely calming myself down from how you taught me in just three short sessions.  


I have been very successful.  I am able to move forward with my life since the very first day of hypnosis.  Thom, you are awesome.  Keep up the excellent work you are doing.  God bless.

Yvonne H. (Dec. 2017)

Anxiety / Post Traumatic Stress - Claxton, GA

I haven't smoked in two weeks since the first session.  I have less anxiety or desire to return to previous habits.  I have quit smoking the first, which hasn't worked using other methods.

Patrick W. (Sept. 2017)

Smoking Cessation - Springfield, GA

First off, best decision!  My anxiety is almost completely gone.  I have lost 6 lbs!  Even with so many "life" things going on around me.  I always look forward to our sessions and cannot wait for the next one.  I have had alot of family issues since I've started so I'm very surprised and happy I have not only lost 6 lbs., but gained confidence!  It's all natural!!!!  Best decision I've made.  Better than any diet pill.  I have been researching hypnosis for awhile and just happened upon Hypnosis of Savannah.  I call it fate!  I'm excited to see what happens in the future.  I know my weight loss journey is not over.  Thank you so much!  You are a kind and caring soul.

Tonya W. (Sept. 2017)

Weight Loss - Hardeeville, SC

I came to Hypnosis of Savannah for weight control - eating smaller portions, drinking more water.  The thought of exercising isn't repulsive.  Not only have I noticed changes, but my husband has, as well.  Hypnosis has exceeded my expectations as it has changed my thought process.

Cathy M. (Aug. 2017)

Weight Loss - Bluffton, SC

Came to help with weight loss, but found so much more.  Hypnosis has helped with weight loss, but also to add a calmness to my life.  Hypnosis has helped me concentrate more deeply and dive into subconsious reasons that I have been holding myself back from achieving goals.  Thom is very good at what he does and cares deeply about his clients.  

Lori T. (Aug. 2017)

Weight Loss - Pooler, GA

I wanted to quit smoking.  I became more aware of my personal subsconscious.  I was smoke free from session 1.  Cravings have gone and thoughts about smoking have decreased to almost nothing.  I am more aware of myself.  I found Hypnosis of Savannah as I was conducting research about hypnosis.  I would feel comfortable referring this service to others.

Kris M. (Jul. 2017)

Stop Smoking from Brooklet, GA

I came to stop smoking.  It has been easier than I could have ever thought.  I have tried (nicotine) patch, gum, meds, and vaping.  Nothing helped until this.  I would recommend Thom Safrin to anyone.

Kathy P. (Jul. 2017)

Stop Smoking from Ludowici, GA

I came at the urging of my wife.  I needed to quit smoking and after trying alone, she talked me into trying hypnosis.  I found it very relaxing and felt really good after each visit.  I have cut from a pack or more a day down to 4 cigarettes a day (June 2017).  I am doing better than I thought

UPDATE:  July 2017 - I have completely quit.  After completing the three session series, I found that I simply didn't want to smoke anymore.

*  This client smoked for over thirty years

Lee C. (Jun. 2017)

Stop Smoking from Savannah, GA

I came to encourage my husband to quit smoking and decided to use the opportunity to make changes and lose the extra 100+ lbs. I have gained.  It is working.  I'm losing slowly without having to "diet."  I have lost more weight in this last month tha I was able to lose in any other attemp including phentermine for a month.  It was very relaxing and a learnign experience to help me help myself so that the changes become a permanent part of my life.  

Janice C. (Jun. 2017)

Weight Loss - Savannah, GA

I came to get my anxiety under control.  Medications nor therapists have ever helped.  My experience here has given me control of my emotions.  I love living again, I feel normal, I am happy, but most of all I feel safe again.  I trusted the process.

Kim W. (Feb. 2017)

Came for Anxiety from Statesboro, GA

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