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How to Find your Purpose in Life

My client text me to let me know that he bought a new pickup truck. I didn't understand. The same guy who let me know in our first session that he felt stuck. Now after the second session, he let me know that he's buying a pickup truck. I didn't really understand the message, so I just responded back with Oh, ok cool.

He came in for his third session and he said, Thom, I, I'm really sorry, I know you probably didn't understand the importance of that message, but then he explained, he said, Tom, I know you don't get it, and I didn't tell you this, but I've tried everything. The anxiety and the depression were so gripping.

I've tried three or four rounds of medication, I've been institutionalized, and I've tried counselling and therapy with several different therapists. I was at my end. You were my last hope, and it's working. And he goes, I know you don't know me that well but I'm the kind of guy that if I can't do the thing that I promised to do, then I just won't commit to it.

He said, buying that truck meant that I was gonna be around long enough to pay off that truck. See, I didn't know my client didn't tell me that day just how hard the struggle was, but he went from being stuck to buying a pickup truck because he was committed to living life to be able to pay for that truck. So my new understanding of where he was coming from, meant everything to me.

And I realized then how significantly I could help other people. That was a big day. That was about five years ago, and I still stay in contact with Nils. He did a video. You can probably find it on my YouTube channel or somewhere. I wonder what you have going on. What kind of stuck are you right now? What kind of stuck can you get unstuck from? Listen, I want you to click the link.

I have some free resources and things feel free to look around on my webpages, but I want you to click the link and I want you to watch the webinar so that you can learn about the program, where we can work one on one. After that webinar, you can schedule a phone consultation where we can get on the phone and talk specifically about what you have going on, what kind of stuck are you? Are you stuck in habits? Are you stuck in negative thinking? Are you stuck in the same old place that you were in last year? We're in a brand new year but it's never too late to start!

Let's get you unstuck, let's get you feeling liberated and alive, let's get you feeling like the hero of your own story. Let's make the rest of this year, the best of your life. Click the link below and let's get started.

Unlock. Shift. Empower.

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