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Your drug-free, non-surgical weight loss solution!


Based upon the Sheila Granger clinical hypnosis trial in which 95% of participants lost weight.

  • Not a Diet

  • Cost Effective

  • No Invasive Surgery

  • No Complications


The Virtual Gastric Band is a program designed to change how you think about food by making small, realistic changes that you can actually live with.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of Hypnosis to convince your brain that your stomach is full after you eat the appropriate amount, and that there is no need for excess food.

This is NOT a diet.  The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want while empowering you to be satisfied with smaller portions. You will not have feelings of being deprived, miserable, or hungry. You will have a long-term solution to your weight problems!

The actual medical procedure reduces the physical size of the stomach, and may achieve the same result, but The Virtual Gastric Band can be undertaken quickly and privately, without the lengthy delay of hospital waiting lists, and of course, carries no costly invasive surgery, no risks, and no on-going medical treatment.

Thom Safrin is a certified practitioner of this unique weight loss hypnosis protocol which was clinically proven to have a 95% success rate of weight loss in a study of general weight loss clients.  Even more impressive, the program had a 90% success rate of weight loss in a study of people who had been denied the actual surgery!

Call (912) 373-7377 today for a free 30-minute, no-obligation evaluation – a $97 value!

This evaluation will tell us if you’re a match for this program or if you would perhaps be a better fit for our other weight loss hypnosis protocols.  Our schedule is typically booked a few weeks in advance, as we must select the right candidates for this program.  



To get started in our Savannah office (located in Pooler, Georgia), call (912) 373-7377 OR  Click Here to Register for the FREE Webinar to Get Started, or contact us online today.

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